Delivering workshops that are in effect, "group consulting" is something that we are very proud of. Zumo Retail workshops educate a lot of people quickly and at a lower cost per person. Our workshops are different, they aren't just training. Zumo Retail workshops have a different dynamic – often allowing an entire group to change paradigms. An example of changing the paradigm is success we experience with our flagship workshop, the Retail Ready Program©. The program is focused on creating a better store experience by improving the presentation of stores. Often attended by experienced staff who "have seen it all", they leave wanting to make the changes. And they do.

All of our workshops are presented by highly qualified and very experienced consultants. We only employ senior consultants and pride ourselves on the fact that they can answer almost any question related to the subject matter. They take the time to explain any issue in detail. Often the workshops are illustrated with real life examples and anecdotes to make the workshop more memorable. Experience tells us that it is these anecdotes that make attendees learn and retain the salient points, not just a folder full of paper you often get from other workshops.

We are famed for workshops that are interactive, fun, educational, motivational and highly effective. Every workshop requires input from the attendees.

Workshops we offer:

Retail Ready Program©

The Retail Ready Program© (RRP) is a 2 day workshop of which we are especially proud. Delivered in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, USA and Europe, it is the benchmark program for delivering excellence in store execution. It is highly interactive and attendees are challenged to think ‘outside the square'. We take attendees "outside" the store and educate them to look at the store the way a customer does. The workshop includes classroom time and at least four store visits. The workshop has been specifically tailored for store owners, managers and senior store staff. Attendees learn about stock control and stock measurement. We provide a system for consistently executing the store, immediately improving the store experience for customers. By the end of the workshop staff will see what's wrong with their own store, know how to fix and most importantly, they'll want to fix it. The program is fun and works brilliantly. It is designed to ensure that a store is always ‘ready' for customers.

Client feedback indicates that stores new to the Retail Ready Program© typically have sales increases of between 5 – 20% in sales. It all depends on the starting point of course, but the average store increases sales by 8%. Understandably, the ROI is very strong as a result.

Consider this - a major Australian client with more than 500 stores has recorded the following results over the last four years of running RRP workshops:

The workshop is a success because it has been proven to:

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Advanced Retail Ready Program

This 1 day course is a follow on to the 2 day Retail Ready Program©. Attendance at the 2 day course is a pre-requisite to attend this more advanced workshop. The nature of retail is that it is dynamic and things change rapidly. The 2 day course contains a lot of information and often requires significant attitude adjustment from attendees. As a result the first part of the 1 day course summarizes the key points of the 2 day course to establish a foundation for the rest of the day.

The Advanced Retail Ready Program is designed to reinvigorate staff and owners; allowing them to find ways to drive sales.

This workshop has a morning classroom session, followed by a mid-morning store visit. Attendees conduct a thorough analysis of the store we visit including a least 6 action points or ways developing the business. The action points are shared with the rest of the group. We typically find that all attendees can take back at least 2 or 3 different ideas to implement immediately into their businesses.

There is also a focus on driving the metric of space. The course explains the cascade down from Sales/m2 to GMROS and NMROS along with the influence that staff can have on these numbers.

GMROII is extended beyond the learning points of the 2 Day Retail Ready Program to enable even better stock management.

The Advanced Retail Ready Program is recognized for:

Already proven in numerous channels and markets, this is an excellent extension to the already proven 2 day Retail Ready Program© workshop.

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Business Planning

Understanding how well is your business doing is important, but knowing where you are going to is equally, if not more, important. Knowing where you want to go and how you are going to get there are big questions that are best answered by having a Business Plan. Interestingly, Zumo Retail business plans also seek to discover what is holding your business back – sometimes it's you and this confronting!

Without a plan you are guessing or hoping things work out ok. Research from one of the big four global accounting firms shows that the vast majority of independently owned retail businesses without business plans face failure.

Some retailers will argue that in a dynamic environment you must be nimble. We agree, but that doesn't abrogate you from the need to have a plan. A business still needs to have the appropriate infrastructure to enable you be nimble and you still need to achieve certain goals. We understand all that. A plan helps you achieve your goals. We have a Business Planning Process that has a significant benefit over most Business Plans and is simply that they get used. You don't have a choice because we have a face to face follow up session 6 months after the original plan where you have to explain your progress, or not. We'll give you advice and guidance on how to try to achieve your goals. At the end of the 12 month process, you again discuss with us how much you have done. Arguably it is confronting, but it is effective.

Our business planning process includes everything you would normally expect and we also consider our 12 key retail metrics and then look at where you should be. This process is for business owners, retail chains and functional heads of larger retail businesses.

Specifically, what results can I expect from this process?

Retail Maths

This course is designed specifically for retailers seeking more knowledge on how to drive their business forward using intelligent business metrics. This workshop aims to help improve the operational aspects of a retail business, justifying changes with metrics. It is worth noting that this course is focused on retail math's not financial math's (balance sheets, P & L, NPV's etc.). The focus of this course is on understanding what the metrics are AND how to improve them. As part of this course, you will get an excellent introduction to the website and attendees to see "behind" the numbers.

The imperative to gain a deep understanding of business metrics continues to grow. As an example, we are aware of some retailers facing reducing $ margins and confusingly increasing % margins. How do you change it? Is it a good or a bad thing? Understanding these conundrums is something that we can explain and pass the knowledge onto our clients. Our workshop style allows us to delve into the issues facing retailers today.

We understand that different retailers use a core series of metrics – we ensure retailers understand each of those thoroughly. As an example – even two basic equations such as Mark Up% and GP% are often not easily explained by many in retail. We make sure the foundation is strong and correctly understood before we launch into deeper discussion.

Topics we cover include Space Management, Stock Management, Labour Management including measuring Wages/FTE etc., some basic investment and valuation calculations and understanding suppliers/vendor deals are appropriate.

It isn't just the understanding of these calculations attendees learn, it is how to improve the business. That's what makes this course so valuable and sort after.


Retail Math is recognized for:

This workshop is a key enabler in growing the understanding of all retail staff.

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Retail Program Masterclass

This six day workshop is the premier workshop we offer. The 6 days are offered as either three workshops of 2 days each, or six workshops of one day each. This all-encompassing workshop is designed for Retail Owners, Retail Managers and BDM/KAM's. The workshop covers all aspects of retail operations. It clearly explains how to retailers work from the head office right to store level and each of the different elements along the way. Most workshops have either a store visit or role plays to demonstrate the learning's in a practical way. This workshop includes extensive notes, spread sheets, templates and web tools. Topics covered include:

Many attendees have increased their supplier income so much that the course has been paid for in just a few weeks. The anticipated payback on the investment is 12 weeks. Typical feedback is "I know now how to make my business work!"

The Retail Masterclass will help you and your business because:

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Zumo Audits

"What gets measured gets done" is an old business maxim. Zumo Audits is focused on measuring execution at store level. Using our trade marked FAR SPPACE™ process, we can compare, contrast and measure in-store performance. Each store is assessed individually alongside each territory, state, demographic, geographic and of course, nationally. Each audit is tailored specifically for your business. To find out more click "go".



Zumo2 is the science of pricing. It improves profit rapidly and sustainably. A one year trial showed a 9% Net Profit improvement in the categories trialed. Zumo2 is proven. We provide you with a 3 month pilot of 6 categories so you can see the benefits for yourself. We check your competitor prices (on line and catalogue) weekly. We use our price elasticity modelling to determine the best price for you – the price that will deliver the best GP$ result. For more click through.