Retail today is volatile. The business environment has become increasing complex, margin pressure is relentless and there is a proliferation of competition. Thanks to mobile technology, consumers are more informed than ever. This makes it challenging for any retailer. At Zumo Retail we work with retailers of all sizes to overcome these challenges.

We help retailers set their strategy and then help implement it. One of our major strategic assessment tools is the 5 Profit Accelerators. They help develop the right focus, determine where to innovate and what not to change. We then drive this to execution—aligning existing practices with the new strategies and actions.

We seek to combine our skills, approaches, assets and tools to generate value quickly, delivering measurable results and durable solutions. By undertaking activities that improve retail at the sharp end (the store) we have consistently had outstanding success.

Zumo Retail has specialist expertise in Loyalty Marketing. We can help clients evaluate the risk reward trade-offs associated with developing a loyalty program and provide guidance and advice on where and how to maximize the value of loyalty marketing investments. Loyalty programs by their very design touch and impact a company’s most valuable asset: their customers, and in particular their most valuable customers. Consequently, loyalty marketing requires a long-term commitment and represents a significant financial investment. Zumo helps clients measure and quantify the business impact of existing loyalty programs and benchmark their program against relevant industry standards. Our program assessment provides a disciplined and consistent methodology for completing a periodic review of a loyalty program's performance and return on investment. It can help maintain a compelling consumer value proposition and ensure your program is delivering the business results you expect.

At a store level, we conduct a Store Assessment and Layout Plan© process which is a one to one consulting project specially related to a store layout, or issues specific to a store. Stores tend to get "messed up" over a period of time. After a couple of years a nice shiny new store gets cluttered with promotional product, new categories, shabby point of sale and confused layouts. A Store Assessment and Layout Plan© gives you two major outputs; a new store layout and a store report. The layout shows you what to put where and the report tells you what to change and in what order to change things.

We make sure that we do not undermine a brand and/or a head office with this process. Rather we tweak each store and get it right for increasing sales within the brands parameters. The results of the Store Assessment and Layout Plan© are typically sales increases not only in specific categories, but across the entire store. The payback on this investment is normally to be 2-4 weeks and represents extraordinarily good value.

Our expertise is wide and varied. We are especially proud of our specialist retail consultancy services in:

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Zumo Calculators

With over 80 retail specific calculators, Zumo Calculators helps decision making become fast, accurate and easy. You will learn which suppliers/vendors offer you the best deals. Discover how to manage GMROII, GMROS, GMROF, GMROL, IRR’s and many other retail metrics. Save your favourite calculators and review previous performance with our saved calculators function. To see the site in action simply click "Go".


Zumo Audits

"What gets measured gets done" is an old business maxim. Zumo Audits is focused on measuring execution at store level. Using our trade marked FAR SPPACE™ process, we can compare, contrast and measure in-store performance. Each store is assessed individually alongside each territory, state, demographic, geographic and of course, nationally. Each audit is tailored specifically for your business. To find out more click "go".



Zumo2 is the science of pricing. It improves profit rapidly and sustainably. A one year trial showed a 9% Net Profit improvement in the categories trialed. Zumo2 is proven. We provide you with a 3 month pilot of 6 categories so you can see the benefits for yourself. We check your competitor prices (on line and catalogue) weekly. We use our price elasticity modelling to determine the best price for you – the price that will deliver the best GP$ result. For more click through.