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Customer Charter


Our customer charter sits at the centre of our commitment to giving great service. We believe our passion for delivering first-rate customer service and our promise to live up to this charter will bring a positive experience to our customers.

You can think of our customer charter as a set of standards that sum up what you can expect from us. We're here to help and are committed to improving our approach in delivering:

Adding value in all we do
A meaningful response
A positive voice

At Zumo Retail Ltd, we strive to provide our clients with world class retail tools. We’re a boutique business, with a small, friendly team and we will do our utmost to respond to your issue as fast as we possibly can. This will typically be within 24 hours, often much faster, and on some occasions, it will be a bit slower. But we’ll do our very best to prompt. Because of the global nature of our business, we’ll use e-mail as our primary form of contact. If you provide us with a phone number, we might just call.


Environment and Sustainability

Sustainability is not only a necessity, but an opportunity for innovation in progressive business practices. We work to ensure the principles of sustainability are part of our business planning and practice. We're convinced this effort leads to smarter decisions and contributes to our success.

Zumo Retail Ltd is proud to be taking real action in reducing our environmental impact. We're committed to operating in a sustainable way, while still delivering on our promise of fabulous workshops, consulting and internet based retail tools.

Since our inception, we have had a good hard look at ourselves. We’ve decided that being green isn’t just talk. It must be action. We’ve acted. Our vision is to have a negative carbon footprint. It’s a tough vision to implement.

In our business, the web based activities tend to be reasonably carbon neutral, but our consulting and presentation work it is somewhat different. Much of our work requires face to face contact and as a result we have to travel. We did an evaluation and we were not pleased to discover that we have a disturbingly large carbon footprint. Rather than just accept that a large carbon footprint is the nature of our business, we have done something about it.

Back in September 2007, Directors of this business decided to invest their own money in forestry. We planted 6.2 hectares of Douglas Fir trees, which are very efficient sequesters of carbon. Next year, the Directors plan to plant another 12 hectares. We are delighted to report that we believe that since 2009 we have been carbon negative. If you are not sure what that means, we are taking more carbon out of the atmosphere than we are putting in.

It’s a long term commitment for all of us. Building sustainable businesses isn’t just an option, for our world to continue to happily provide for us it is a requirement.


Privacy Policy

This is our Privacy Policy, a document which outlines our guarantee on your use of our products.


Terms and Conditions

The information available on or through this website or the sites linked to it is intended to provide information, tools, processes, advice and services to assist clients in the execution of their business. By using any of our services, advice or workshops you agree to be bound by these terms:


Returns and Cancellations Policy

The following Returns & Cancellations Policy does not affect your statutory rights. For more information on your statutory rights, contact your local Legal Advisor.

Trial policy

We do not have trials unless otherwise specified and agreed (refer to each specific website for details as these may differ). You decide to accept the service for which you will be charged, or you don't.

Refunds and cancellations

No refunds or cancellations are provided.

Where relevant, Zumo Retail Ltd or any of their related subsidiaries will not provide any refund for any remaining pre-paid period Fees or Subscriptions paid by You. Refer to each individual website for details.

Where consulting or presentation work is agreed, cancellations are accepted 1 (one) calendar month prior to the work taking place. Past that date, you will be invoiced in full, including any travel costs that are irrecoverable.

For more information contact us.

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Zumo2 is the science of pricing. It improves profit rapidly and sustainably. A one year trial showed a 9% Net Profit improvement in the categories trialed. Zumo2 is proven. We provide you with a 3 month pilot of 6 categories so you can see the benefits for yourself. We check your competitor prices (on line and catalogue) weekly. We use our price elasticity modelling to determine the best price for you – the price that will deliver the best GP$ result. For more click through.