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30 November 2012 - launch

Zumo People along with our partners Retail Edge Pty Ltd are proud to announce the launch of the website. Click on the link to see the power of the ProScan© survey and what it can deliver your business.

24 October 2012 - pharmacy conference - Uluru

Zumo Retail presents at a lot of conferences which we don't usually comment on. But this is worthy of note because we presented at a pharmacy industry conference at Uluru, Northern Territories, Australia. An unusual place to present, but nice!

12 June 2012 - Retail Math Workshop

Today we launched our first Retail Math workshop for Australian pharmacy retailers. We have another 8 planned during 2012.

30 April 2012 - Wages - Sales $ per employee

Wages - Sales $ per employee is a valuable measure to assess how many Sales $ each dollar a business pays in wages generates. It is a calculator worth saving in "favourites" and monitoring week on week or month on month.

22 March 2012 - Wages - Gross Pay

A fast and easy way for staff/managers/owners to determine pay rates including or excluding overtime

15 February 2012 - Space - Occupancy Cost

New space calculator launched. A fast and simple way to measure the cost per square metre/foot of rented space is now available on the site

30 January 2012 - New Promotions Calculator

The new Promotions Analysis Calculator has just been added to the Zumo calculator's website. Members can now assess their promotions with just a few inputs. The Calculator allows calculation of the real cost of the promotion by including Supplier/Vendor rebates as well as any direct costs incurred by the Retailer in setting the promotion up and taking it down.

15 January 2012 - Two new Trading Terms Calculators developed

Not one but two calculators for assessing trading terms between suppliers/vendors and retailers have been developed and are now live on Zumo Calculators.

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Zumo Calculators

With over 80 retail specific calculators, Zumo Calculators helps decision making become fast, accurate and easy. You will learn which suppliers/vendors offer you the best deals. Discover how to manage GMROII, GMROS, GMROF, GMROL, IRR’s and many other retail metrics. Save your favourite calculators and review previous performance with our saved calculators function. To see the site in action simply click "Go".


Zumo Audits

"What gets measured gets done" is an old business maxim. Zumo Audits is focused on measuring execution at store level. Using our trade marked FAR SPPACE™ process, we can compare, contrast and measure in-store performance. Each store is assessed individually alongside each territory, state, demographic, geographic and of course, nationally. Each audit is tailored specifically for your business. To find out more click "go".



Zumo2 is the science of pricing. It improves profit rapidly and sustainably. A one year trial showed a 9% Net Profit improvement in the categories trialed. Zumo2 is proven. We provide you with a 3 month pilot of 6 categories so you can see the benefits for yourself. We check your competitor prices (on line and catalogue) weekly. We use our price elasticity modelling to determine the best price for you – the price that will deliver the best GP$ result. For more click through.