Our strategy and expertise

Our strategy builds on our established expertise of creating sustainable value for our customers. We create value by leveraging the five profit accelerators and using our trademarked FAR SPPACE™ analysis process.

Zumo Retail's consulting work spans individual stores, brands, buying groups, franchisors and corporate Head Offices. We’ve worked with many corporate Head Offices and we’ve seen shelves lined with voluminous reports from other consultants. Those reports look impressive sitting on the shelf but unfortunately those plans are often not fully implemented. What sets us apart is that we create plans that are implemented. Indeed, part of our consulting process is to assist with the process of execution. As a result, and with all due modesty aside, we have recorded impressive ROI's for our clients. Our prowess as developers, implementers and practitioners of Category Management is a subject that is always in demand. We have implemented and assisted the development of category management in Australia, USA, Asia and Europe.

It's not just major businesses, or small groups of stores we assist. Our record of achievement in assisting individual stores develop their businesses is enviable to say the least. We are expert at store layout and developing a three stage action plan to improve stores.

Our workshop program is headlined by the Retail Ready Program© which has become the benchmark for store assessment with many of our clients. The program has been run in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Asia and Europe. Its success is often a platform for further development of systems and processes within the clients business. It is also a platform for growth. The Retail Ready Program© was developed to ensure that the pricing, promotions, events and store basics are delivered every day, by all staff. In addition to the Retail Ready Program©, we have numerous other courses that help retailers and their staff develop their stores quickly, including Advanced Retail Ready Program©, Retail Maths and Business Planning workshops.

Combining deep retail consulting experience and practical advice our increasing suite of web products allows retailers to measure, manage and develop their businesses whenever they wish. www.zumopeople.com focuses on finding the right person for the right role. The site harnesses the power of the ProScan© survey which, when completed provides a complete personality profile including a 20 page document and a 20 minute "read back" via phone from one of our specialist representatives. It makes finding the right people for the right role so much easier. www.zumocalculators.com has a suit of over 80 different retail calculators. The site is ideal for Category Managers, Stock Controllers, Retail Managers and business owners. A number of the calculators are unique to the site and provide unparalleled insight into many common retail conundrums. www.zumoaudits.com is a survey site that assesses retail execution. It is designed specifically for each retailer. It details the exacting requirements of each retailer’s individual needs – all inside the FAR SPPACE™ framework. It is often used in conjunction with the Retail Ready Program©

While Zumo Retail works across retail industries but we have formidable expertise in the pharmacy, liquor and convenience store segments. We are especially proud of our extensive relationships within the Australian pharmacy market. We work with pharmacy organizations of all sizes-including all three major wholesalers who cover 97% of the Australian pharmacy market. Inside their businesses, we work with the wholesaler brands and their associated independent brands. In addition, we work with individual pharmacies and pharmacists. Every year, we work with clients in every state and territory in Australia. Our commitment to client satisfaction strengthens and extends our relationships. For example, 9 of our top 10 clients in this current fiscal year, based on revenue, have been clients for five years or more.

Among the many strengths that distinguish Zumo Retail in the marketplace are our:

Our Core Values have shaped the culture and defined the character of our business, guiding how we behave and make decisions:

We help move clients forward in every part of their businesses, from strategic planning to day-to-day operations.

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Zumo Calculators

With over 80 retail specific calculators, Zumo Calculators helps decision making become fast, accurate and easy. You will learn which suppliers/vendors offer you the best deals. Discover how to manage GMROII, GMROS, GMROF, GMROL, IRR’s and many other retail metrics. Save your favourite calculators and review previous performance with our saved calculators function. To see the site in action simply click "Go".


Zumo Audits

"What gets measured gets done" is an old business maxim. Zumo Audits is focused on measuring execution at store level. Using our trade marked FAR SPPACE™ process, we can compare, contrast and measure in-store performance. Each store is assessed individually alongside each territory, state, demographic, geographic and of course, nationally. Each audit is tailored specifically for your business. To find out more click "go".



Zumo2 is the science of pricing. It improves profit rapidly and sustainably. A one year trial showed a 9% Net Profit improvement in the categories trialed. Zumo2 is proven. We provide you with a 3 month pilot of 6 categories so you can see the benefits for yourself. We check your competitor prices (on line and catalogue) weekly. We use our price elasticity modelling to determine the best price for you – the price that will deliver the best GP$ result. For more click through.